Would you believe us if we told you Em McBride was one of the most hated kids on his Facebook? well… he was! Out of his 1,200 friends they all hated him, Why?

His problems started back when he first picked up a cigaretteĀ in middle school with his best and only friend Brandon Graves, after having his first one then becoming addicted, his mother then tried to put a stop to it by going to every kids house who had anything to do with him and tell their parents if they see her son with a cigarette then to take it away. long behold about 3 months after he had gotten his first tattoo of a tribal dragon on his right shoulder before 2nd year of high school!!

He was getting into DRUGS, SEX, Jumping people and anything he could do to get MONEY!

Once a video of Em and his “friends” jumping a 22-year-old named Daniel MacLeod went viral and all his Facebook friends saw it his life was over, he was getting death threats left and right, and in return he got jumped back a few times, and robbed!

Then when he put his talents for good and stared recording his music, his christian mother Judy McBride, told her friends and so on and so forth, once his first video “MONEY” came out, in the first 2 days it got 11,000 views on YouTube and 200 comments. only then he knew that’s what he wanted to do!!!

And Here he is today!